This list of crimes was compiled from censored police reports and written by Lydia Sprague

Welcome home

On July 3 at 2 a.m., police responded to the 500 block of West Mercer Street after receiving a 911 call from a resident reporting her home had been broken into sometime after 4 p.m.

The victim said she had arrived home about 10 minutes prior to calling police and found her front door open.

When she entered her home, she found her bedroom window screen in the hallway.

It appeared that the burglar only went through the bedroom. Her bed was askew, and $2,865 cash was missing from a desk drawer. She said the cash, which was the only thing taken, was from tips at work.

She said the only people who knew she had that much cash was her family and close friends. 

Missing music

On July 3, police reported to a home on West Crockett Street in response to a reported burglary that occurred on July 2 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The victim said he arrived home to find his speaker, a CD stand and a dozen CDs missing from his living room. The home had been ransacked, but these were the only items missing.

Police couldn’t find any signs of forced entry to the apartment.

They then learned that the victim had moved in a week prior. The building manager said the locks are switched out between units when new residents move in.

Unlocked doors

A man called 911 after arriving home to discover that someone had entered his open garage door, entered his home through an unlocked door and taken two cameras.

The man, who lives 2000 block of Fifth Avenue North, said he left to take his wife to work at 11 a.m. He left the garage open and the basement door unlocked.

The cameras were worth about $2,000.

There was no evidence on the scene.

If I had a hammer

On July 7 at 7 p.m., security officers at a grocery store in the 500 block of First Avenue West watched a man enter the store and place a number of items into a grocery cart. The suspect then proceeded to exit the store without paying for any of them.

A security officer stopped the suspect after he exited the store with the merchandise, which included a steak, beer, barbeque items (charcoal, foil, matches), a knife and shoe-care items.

The suspect began fighting with the security officer, trying to get the cart around him to leave with the stolen goods.

When he realized he couldn’t exit with the items, he pulled out a hammer from his pocket and began swinging the hammer and threatening the employee.

Another employee saw this, approached the suspect from behind and grabbed the hammer, effectively disarming him.

The suspect demanded his hammer back, while also trying to maintain control of the cart full of stolen goods.

Several people in the store called 911.

Police arrived to find the suspect still arguing with the employee who had taken his hammer, trying to get his hammer back.

Police noted that the suspect appeared to be high, and he had a capped syringe behind his ear.

The suspect had two large, bleeding and oozing abscesses on his lower legs. The abscess on his right leg covered nearly the length of his calf. The abscess on the left was oozing enough that blood was seeping through his pant leg.

Since King County Jail won’t take inmates with injuries like this, the police officer decided to issue the suspect a citation, instead of arrest him.

When the suspect learned the police were not going to arrest him, he began, again, demanding that they give him his hammer back.

When police said that he was facing robbery charges and the hammer was going into evidence, he began threatening the police officers.

The police told him to leave the area, which he did, empty-handed.

Opportunistic burglar

On July 8 at 2 p.m., police responded to a reported car theft in the 1000 block of Nob Hill Avenue North.

The victim said she’d left her front door open while she was doing laundry. Somebody entered the home and took her car keys off a shelf in the foyer and stole her car.

Her car was left unlocked and parked on the street in front of her house.

There was no evidence at the house.