Boarding a bus in Seattle’s Interbay and Queen Anne neighborhoods just got easier and more convenient. Three new transit information kiosks were recently installed at the following locations: 

•Southbound at 15th Avenue West and West Emerson Street;

•Southbound  at 15th Avenue West and West Armory Street; and

•Westbound at West Mercer Street and Third Avenue West. 

The electronic kiosks will display the real-time arrival and destination of all buses with scheduled stops at kiosk locations for Metro’s RapidRide D Line. 

After swiping their ORCA card at any RapidRide kiosk, riders will be able to board through the back doors of their RapidRide coach, which will help speed up boarding. 

The wider availability of off-board ORCA readers is yet another element of Metro’s RapidRide service, which has experienced significant ridership growth during its first 15 months of operation. The D lines handle more than 11,000 boardings each weekday. 

The kiosks are part of a partnership between King County Metro Transit and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to improve travel and access though Ballard, Interbay and Queen Anne. 

For more information on the RapidRide D Line project, visit the project website at