Inside job

Workers at a construction site on 24th Avenue West reported that, sometime between Dec. 13 and 16, someone broke into the secured site. The site is in a new building, and the doors and windows were all secured. 

Responding police officers examined the building and found that there were no signs of forced entry. The foreman told officers he believes the break-in was an inside job.

The burglar stole numerous construction tools from inside the building. The clamps securing the roll-up garage door had been moved to a different area of the door’s tracks, which indicates the burglar may have backed up to this garage door and loaded the stolen tools into a car. 

Caught on tape

On the morning of Dec. 16, police responded to the 300 block of Third Avenue West after receiving a report that a building had been burglarized the night before. Tenants reported pry marks on several doors, and one car in the parking garage had been rifled through.

Police were able to view surveillance video from the building and see that a young man was inside the parking garage at 3 a.m. The video showed the suspect trying to pry open a door to a caged bicycle-storage area. He failed to pry the door open, so he cut the fencing and crawled into the storage cage. He came out of the area a few minutes later with nothing.

The suspect then entered the building itself and pried open the door to the tenants’ storage-locker room; he didn’t take anything from that room either. Responding officers found fresh pry marks on this door and lifted fingerprints from the inside of this door.

A tenant also discovered that someone had entered his unlocked car and searched through the glove box but did not take anything.

Back at the precinct, other police officers recognized the suspect from a previous incident.

Dutiful postal worker

On Dec. 12, police responded to a home in the 2000 block of 29th Avenue West after receiving a 911 call from a postal worker who had just dropped off a package at the home and noticed that the door had been broken in.

Upon arrival, police saw that the door had been damaged. They checked out the house and did not find anyone inside. 

It looked like the house had been ransacked, as several drawers had been gone through. 

Police were able to contact the victim, who said her husband would arrive shortly. When he arrived and he walked through the house with the officers, he said that a video-game console and about six games were missing. Also stolen were an iPad Mini, a digital camera and about 12 of his wife’s necklaces.

Storage-unit break-in

On Dec. 15 at 5:35 p.m., police responded to a building in the 1200 block of Taylor Avenue North to a report of a storage-unit break-in.

Sometime between Nov. 29 and Dec. 14, someone used a pry tool to remove the padlock from the doorframe of a storage locker. The burglar took a 27-inch LCD TV that was in a box. Also missing was an in-dash DVD player and navigation system. Nothing else was disturbed or moved.

The suspect took the broken padlock and left the door closed so as not to draw attention to the theft, according to the police report. 

Another storage locker had pry marks but did not appear to have been entered. 

Busted back door

A resident in the 1500 block of Thorndyke Avenue West called 911 after arriving home to find it had been ransacked. He said he’d left home at 8:30 a.m., and when he got home at 5:40 p.m., he found the back door kicked in. 

Officers responded to the scene and cleared the house. Extensive damage was found to the back door. 

The victim’s bedroom was ransacked, with drawers opened and items strewn about.