The Queen Anne Community Council is hosting a citywide meeting to discuss its appeal of the city’s final environmental impact statement for accessory dwelling units from 7-9 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 1, at the Queen Anne Community Center, 1901 First Ave. W.

“While Queen Anne officially filed this appeal, we are representing you and every other Seattle neighborhood and single-family property owner,” according to a QACC meeting announcement.

The FEIS assesses the impacts of easing the ability of property owners to add attached and detached accessory dwelling units on lots in single-family zones.

Under the preferred alternative, lots in single-family zones can have an AADU and DADU (in lots with a minimum of 3,200 square feet), or two AADUs, and would not require off-street parking or that the owner live in any of the dwelling units. One year of continuous ownership would be required to build a second accessory dwelling unit.