Queen Anne’s Drew Snider, playing for the University of Maryland. Photo courtesy of Kris Snider. Story on Page 3.

Queen Anne’s Drew Snider, playing for the University of Maryland. Photo courtesy of Kris Snider. Story on Page 3.

Queen Anne’s Drew Snider, a two-time U.S. Lacrosse high school All-American and former University of Maryland lead lacrosse player, has been nominated for the MTR Western Sports Star of the Year.

“No one in this area has ever had this,” said Kris Snider, Drew’s father.

But this honor is no surprise. Ever since the sixth grade, Drew’s hard work, talent and drive for lacrosse were exceptional.

Drew Snider, 24, a former Queen Anne News paperboy, always played outside the box. 

Growing up in Queen Anne, Drew was a strong athlete, as were many of the kids in his elementary- and middle-school class at St. Anne School. But the usual sports of baseball and soccer did not appeal to Drew the way it did to his classmates. Drew wanted something more.


Like father, like son

Kris was also an outside-the-box athlete. Growing up in New York, Kris played lacrosse. A game of Native American origin mainly played in Canada and the United States, Kris was a lacrosse powerhouse and played at the University of Virginia.

In the 1980s, Kris moved to Queen Anne, where he noticed there was not much lacrosse played in the area, especially on the high school level.

That’s where Kris’ son Drew came in, years later.

“Hey, Dad, I’d really like to join a lacrosse team,” Kris recalled Drew saying in sixth grade. “I would like to run around rather than just stand around like what you do in baseball.”

This made Kris smile.

“I was waiting for him to get interested in it, rather than me getting him interested,” Kris said.

With that, Drew and Kris began St. Anne School’s first-ever lacrosse team.

“At an informational meeting at St. Anne’s, Drew invited boys in his middle school and their parents and pitched the idea of starting [a] Queen Anne boys’ lacrosse [team],” said Jacqueline Snider, Drew’s mother. “His team was very athletic: They were strong soccer and basketball players, and lacrosse has similar strategic thinking.”

The team was legendary. In just three years, the school won the middle-school league championship.

“Drew’s father is referred to as the ‘grandfather of lacrosse’ in this area,” said Shane Moriarty, one of Drew’s childhood teammates, who went on to play at the NCAA Division I University at Albany. “Before him, no one knew of it. The family brought a lot of people to the game.”


The focus

For Drew, the path to a glorious lacrosse career had begun.

“The kids developed their game at a very fast pace and fell in love with it and continued to play in high school,” Kris said.

However, Drew went to O’Dea High School, which did not have a lacrosse team.

But this did not faze him. Instead, Drew joined Garfield High School’s lacrosse team, and success continued to build. Drew was a two-time U.S. Lacrosse High School All-American star, earning the honor during his junior and senior years.

He attended the University of Maryland, where he majored in criminology. In his junior and senior years, Drew helped get his team to the NCAA finals. Since then, he has been considered the greatest all-time prep lacrosse player to come out of Washington state.

Post-college, Drew was drafted for a professional league, ultimately playing for the Denver Outlaws.

Now, he has been named a nominee for the MTR Western Sports Star of the Year.

Drew will now coach Nathan Hale High School’s lacrosse team, where his 17-year-old brother plays. He will join his father, who has coached the team for the last two years.

“Drew wants to continue lacrosse,” Kris said. “Right now, that’s where all of his focus is.”

But as with all big-time athletes, Drew will need to figure out what else he will do after his lacrosse-playing days are over, Kris added.


Casting your vote

The 78th-annual MTR Western Sports Star of the Year is the Northwest’s celebration of Washington sports. Every January, this event honors the athletes, coaches, media figures, sports executives and stories in or from Washington state for their achievements during the previous year.

Nominees are selected by the Sports Star Committee, made up of local sports historians, media and others active in the sports industry. Fans can vote for their favorite nominee on-line at sportsstaroftheyear.org until 5 p.m. Jan. 18. Winners will be announced during a Jan. 25 event at Benaroya Hall in Seattle.