The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe has donated $150,000 to Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center (3801 W Government Way).

United Indians of all Tribes’ (UIATF) Daybreak Star is in debt and was hoping to raise $185,000 to pay off bills and create sustainable income options for the future. UIATF has been looking to Native tribes throughout the country for donations since it first announced its debt crisis in October 2013. 

“The work that Daybreak Star does for Northwest Natives and others is critical,” said Snoqualmie Indian Tribe’s Chairwoman Carolyn Lubenau, in a press release. “The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe wanted to ensure that the Center’s programs are able to continue.”

Jeff Smith, UIATF board chair, said in the press release that this donation means Daybreak Star will be able to stay open and continue being an “essential cultural hub for Seattle’s Native community.” 

“This is the best news we have had in a long time and our hearts are filled with love and gratitude,” Smith said.

UIATF also has an Indiegogo campaign that has raised $28,710 so far. Community fundraising will continue there through Feb. 18. There have been other donations too, said finance director Joseph McCormick. Those, with the Indiegogo funds, totaled $85,000 as of Jan. 21.

To donate to UIATF’s Indiegogo campaign, visit