The Metropolitan King County Council created a Transportation District, which will be able to generate revenue for transportation and roads through taxes, on Feb. 10. The Transportation District Board then unanimously decided to send voters a proposal to raise revenue.  The revenue would go toward Metro Transit bus service and county and city transportation projects.

Voters will be able to voice their opinions on April 22.

Larry Phillips, chair of the Metropolitan King County Council, District Four, said in a press release that the measure, if approved, will:

•Increase King County sales tax by 0.1 percent for 10 years;

•Create a $60 car fee;

•Establish a low-income rebate program that gives $20 of the car fee back to people who have an income 45 percent less than the county’s median income;

•Give 60 percent of its revenues to keep Metro service at current levels —

Additional funds would be split between transportation and unincorporated roads. The other 40 percent of funds would be allocated to transportation improvements in the city and unincorporated area road purposes in the county; and

•Create funds strictly for transportation projects in the city, county and Puget Sound Regional council’s approved transportation plan.

King County Metro is facing cuts of 17 percent, and there is a maintenance-funding gap of $115 million for King County roads.