Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 1, KING-FM 98.1 will play at least one Mozart piece per hour and share an all-Mozart channel online, available at Not coincidently, Mozart was born in January.

On the radio, listeners will enjoy at least 24 works by Mozart every 24 hours. Mozart concertos will be featured the week of Jan. 6 through 10, followed by Mozart’s symphonies featured the week of Jan. 13 through 17, both running from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Hear Mozart “from A to Z,” showcasing favorites from Mozart’s entire catalog of works throughout the rest of the month. 

Listeners can access the complete schedule a week ahead at

Mozart wrote 41 numbered symphonies. The Paris, Haffner and Jupiter symphonies are among Mozart’s most popular, along with his Symphony No. 25, used to great effect in the movie Amadeus and as concert hall standards.