Seattle is weird, it’s innovative, it’s tech-driven and we think it’s one of the best cities. Throughout 2013, we’ve been tagged with some pretty strange best and worst awards. 

Washington was named the No. 1 most innovative state by Bloomberg. It was named one of the top three cities for startups. We’re the No. 4 best city for people under 35. And we’re one of the 10 best Internet cities in the world. This is all great news. We want to attract young, smart people who are going to bring new technology industries to Seattle. Expansion in these industries will secure economic success and vitality to come. 

We’re working hard for this success, too: Seattle was named the hardest-working city. 

Maybe we need to work so hard to make enough money for rent. In a hilarious contradiction, it was named the most affordable big city for renters by Census data and the No. 3 most-expensive city to rent an apartment, according to CBS News. The average apartment costs $1,410 each month in Seattle, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. 

We’re the No. 1 smartest city in the United States for 2013. But, hopefully, us intellectual-types aren’t sports nuts, too, because Forbes named us the No. 1 most-miserable sports city. Seahawk’s fans won’t have any of that, though: Last week, their team was named No. 1 in ESPN power rankings. 

Seattle was named the fourth-worst city for traffic. With the continued struggles of Metro Transit, it looks like these rankings could get even worse in 2014, when 17 percent of bus routes are cut. 

If you’re a foodie, Seattle’s your city. Travel + Leisure named us the No. 7 best food city. Seven of the 100 best restaurants in 2013 were in Seattle. And four Seattle food trucks were on the top 100 list, including Where Ya at Matt, which was ranked ninth.  

Home of the grunge scene, flannel and hipster facial hair, it’s no surprise that Seattle isn’t considered a fashionista capital. GQ named us No. 34 on its list of the 40 worst-dressed cities in the country. But MSN travel took it one step further and named us No. 6 on its list of the 10 worst-dressed cities. We doubt we’ll turn in our North Face for Prada anytime soon, though. 

And in other rankings: We were the 13th-worst city for bed bugs this year. We were named the fifth best city for trick-or-treating. We’re also the most-liked city — that’s no surprise to us. 

It’s interesting to see how the rest of the country views us. We can’t wait to see what other rankings — good and bad — we earn in 2014.