Sawant sticks to campaign promises  

During her campaign for a spot on the Seattle City Council, Socialist Alternative candidate Kshama Sawant promised to be one of us. Now, she’s making good on her promise by vowing to take only $40,000 of her allotted $117,000 salary. 

Sawant has made minimum wage and wage equality for women and people of color the cornerstone of her politics. We’ve criticized Sawant’s aggressive politics in the past and warned her to play “Seattle nice.” But, for this, she should be commended. 

Sawant is doing what we beg politicians to do all the time: Put their money where their mouth is. Instead of standing at a podium, speaking about an issue’s importance, Sawant is demonstrating through these actions that she’s more than just fiery talk.

Sawant plans to donate the leftover $77,000 to “a solidarity fund.” She’s already made donations, including $15,000 a year to, a $15-minimum-wage organization, and $500 to a union group called Puget Sound Sage. Sawant said the money will go to “workers’ strike funds, environmental, civil-rights and women’s rights campaigns,” according to a Seattle P-I article. 

While we’re certain we won’t always agree with Sawant’s tactics, there’s something to be said for a person who is sticking to her guns and attempting to create change by example. 

‘12th Man’ celebrates Seahawks’ win

What a time to be a Seahawks fan. In a nearly ideal outcome, the Seahawks are the champions of Super Bowl XLVIII. 

It’s a victory we needed. Jerry Brewer of The Seattle Times called Seattle “glory-starved.” Forbes magazine had rated Seattle the No. 1 worst city for sports fans just last year. 

Following years of pent-up frustration, the “12th Man” took to the streets Sunday night to celebrate the victory. In Pioneer Square, people climbed on top of the historic pergola, shattering the glass. In the University District, students set couches and other furniture on fire in the street. 

Celebrants can take to the streets, climb the trees and scream their hearts out, but don’t destroy the hometown of the team you’re celebrating.