Cecile Andrews’ rant (“A New Society Can’t Be Run by ‘Controllers,’” Nov. 20) on a mythical society run by “controllers” — by her reckoning something possible only under the rule of rigid, authoritarian right-wingers — was pretty rich in self-contradictions and ignorance of modern politics.

Has Ms. Andrews not noticed that it is, in fact, the left wing who strive for maximum control over Americans’ lives? The political strife, character assassination and hatemongering coursing through Washington, D.C., (at least) is more than half the doing of so-called Democrats and their handmaidens in the pervasively left-wing media, liberal courts and academia.

The infiltration of public schools by soft, touchy-feely “educators,” who encourage pupils to “discover” and “give birth to” ideas — instead of making them learn hard, useful facts and techniques — has and will continue to produce millions of young, Democrat-voting do-nothings who must be content to sign up for government subsidies because they are of no use to employers. Unsurprisingly, business for extracurricular tutors, remedial classes and private schools has been booming.

Andrews and her mentor, the late hippie-era author Philip Slater, claim interdependence and non-authoritarian governing modes are the only means to save society. But what President [Barack] Obama (for whom Andrews proudly voted) and his cronies openly advocate is total dependence on centralized authority, namely Leviathan government run by smart people who are better than you and I — like the ones who wrote the “Obamacare” law.

Alex Templeton