Your article (“Uncertainty Looms as Medical-Marijuana Providers Consider What I-502 will Mean,” May 1) just came across my alerts, and I wanted to point out an inaccurate quote from Lisa Dank:

“Lisa Dank, media coordinator at North Seattle Medical Collective, said, ‘There will be some conglomerate grow operations that are funded by the state and monitored. And with that, I expect it to be just average quality, because growing plants is a full-time job, and they are so temperamental. I can’t even imagine what a state-run grow operation would look like and how they could ensure quality across the board.’”

The state of Washington will not be funding or running any grow operations. As written in the initiative, we will be licensing private businesses/individuals to grow/process/retail marijuana for recreational consumption.

It is likely that the same people currently growing for medical marijuana will participate in the recreational market when that option is available (it was a common comment at the public forums we held).

Mikhail Carpenter
Washington State Liquor Control Board