This older photos shows Marah Williams pitching. She was known for her speed. Photo courtesy of Penny LeGate
This older photos shows Marah Williams pitching. She was known for her speed. Photo courtesy of Penny LeGate

She was nicknamed “The Rocket.” A flamboyant blonde capable of throwing a blistering fastball at 60-plus mph at a very young age. She was clearly blessed with an abundance of natural ability, both on the field and connecting with people.

In recognition of her skills and contributions, Marah Williams’ Magnolia Softball number — No. 7 — was retired. On March 23, a framed jersey with her number and name was presented to her father, Michael Williams, by Magnolia’s Washington Alarm Sirens Juniors Team. Mike Williams is in his second year as head coach of the Sirens and has coached numerous Magnolia teams over the years.

The emotional ceremony took place just before a double-header at Lawton Field against Scott Haveson’s Thunder from Queen Anne. It was another special surprise when the Thunder announced they were also retiring No. 7 in recognition of Marah’s fastpitch contributions.

Marah’s pitching ability helped clinch some exciting victories for several local teams, including Magnolia Little League, Garfield High School and her select team, Seattle Fastpitch Club (SFC). Her SFC coach, Bob Calnan, was in attendance for the presentation, along with former teammates and friends.

In high school, Marah also served as an assistant Magnolia Little League coach with current Sirens coach Audra Jackley and threw a burning ceremonial first pitch on opening day a few years ago. Jackley and fellow Sirens coaches Jazmin Gove and Maddie Barton remembered Marah in a moving speech following the Magnolia Little League parade on Saturday, March 29.

Marah died of a heroin overdose on June 12, 2012, at age 19. The community still mourns the loss of her sparkle, style and wit. But her spirit lives on when young girls take to the field, get their gloves dirty, smack the ball, catch a line drive, slide into a base or zing the batter with three strikes. The No. 7 jersey may be gone, but Marah Williams will never be forgotten.

For more information about a local outreach created for kids at-risk in Marah’s name, go to

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