Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) reminds trick-or-treaters that Halloween is a dangerous time to be on the streets; Chances of a child being hit double on Oct. 31. 

Clocks also change back on Nov. 3 meaning it will be darker earlier and harder to see pedestrians and cyclists on the road. 90 percent of all collisions involve human error and can be prevented. 

As part of its "Be Super Safe" campaign, SDOT has a few recommendations for safer driving:

1. Take personal responsibility - Don't drive distracted. Distraction is the second-leading cause of accidents in Seattle. 

2. Plan ahead - If you plan ahead, you're less likely to speed and more likely to pay attention. Speed is a factor in one-third of all accidents. 

3. Know the rules of the road - Know who has the right-of-way and follow the rules. Not adhearing to this easy rule was the number one factor in collisions last year in Seattle. Remember, pedestrians have the right-of-way in a legal crosswalk.

4. Never assume you're safe - Pedestrians should always pay attention in crosswalks and wear bright or reflective clothing so they're visible. 

5. We're all in this together - Be patient and remember to look out for your fellow drivers, riders and walkers on the road. All Seattleites want to get home safely.