Latest Membrane Bioreactor Market by Membrane Type (Hollow fiber, Flat sheet, Multi-tubular), System Configuration (Submerged, External), Application (Municipal Wastewater Treatment, Industrial Wastewater Treatment), and Region

The Membrane Bioreactor research report explains the competitive hierarchy of this global Membrane Bioreactor market by analyzing key strategies of companies operating in the market and their impact analysis. Here, the competitive landscape is because of market suppliers, numerous sales channels, and revenue share. Moreover, the report offers an overview of the market’s determined vendors and the major market players. It also highlights the market value, growth rate, and key players operating the Membrane Bioreactor market.

The global MBR market size is projected to reach USD 4.9 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 8.3% between 2021 and 2026.

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The report provides a comprehensive analysis of company profiles listed below:

  • SUEZ (France)
  • Kubota Corporation (Japan)
  • Evoqua Water Technologies LLC (US)
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Japan)
  • CITIC Envirotech Ltd (Singapore)
  • Koch Separation Solutions (US)
  • ALFA LAVAL (Sweden)
  • Veolia (France)
  • Aquatech International LLC (US)

“Growing demand for advanced wastewater treatment technology for more efficient and high-quality treated waters is driving the demand for MBR during the forecast period”

Wastewater generated from industries and rising government regulations on wastewater treatment require advance technology to produce high quality effluent. MBR is a proven technology to avoid the spread of the emerging micro pollutants and contaminants in the environment by treatment of wastewater for reuse. MBR membranes are made of various polymeric materials such as PVDF, PE, PES, and others which are used for filtration of wastewater. An MBR system is beneficial in eliminating microplastic (MP) and micropollutants generated from the textile industry, such as threads and beads, are polluting water bodies.

“Stringent wastewater regulation globally to boost the demand for MBR”

Wastewater discharge mandates in natural water bodies have increased the demand for wastewater treatment. North America, Europe, and others are providing opportunities for the growth of the MBR market by implementation of regulations for high quality treated water. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and EU water framework directives has implemented stringent rules and regulations to counter the release of toxic effluents into water bodies and converse clean water. Effluent guidelines are national standards for industrial and municipal wastewater discharge.

“Asia Pacific to dominate the MBR market during the forecast period”

The MBR market in Asia Pacific countries such as China and India is expected to witness high growth, owing to industrialization and growing awareness on water reuse and recycling. Moreover, serious environmental, and health hazards resulted in numerous adverse effects on humans and ecosystem due to water related issues. MBR is capable of handling various water impurities such as suspended solids, pathogens, bacteria, nitrogen, and other contaminants that are mostly present in municipal and industrial waste.


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Competitive Landscape of Membrane Bioreactor Market:

1 Introduction
2 Strategies Adopted By Key Players
3 Market Ranking Analysis
3.1 Ranking Of Key Market Players
3.1.1 Suez
3.1.2 Veolia
3.1.3 Kubota Corporation
3.1.4 Evoqua Water Technologies Llc
3.1.5 Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
4 Revenue Analysis Of Top Players
5 Market Evaluation Matrix
6 Company Evaluation Matrix
6.1 Star
6.2 Emerging Leader
7 Competitive Benchmarking
7.1 Company Footprint
7.2 Company Application Footprint
7.3 Company Material Footprint
7.4 Company Region Footprint
7.5 Strength Of Product Portfolio
7.6 Business Strategy Excellence
8 Start-Ups And Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises (Smes) Evaluation Matrix
8.1 Progressive Companies
8.2 Responsive Companies
8.3 Starting Blocks
9 Competitive Scenario
9.1 New Product Launches
9.2 Deals
9.3 Other Developments

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