Latest Prepreg Market by Fiber Type (Glass, Carbon, Others), By Resin Type (Thermoset, Thermoplastic), Form (Tow, Fabric), Manufacturing, Application ( Aerospace & Defense, Wind Energy, Sporting Goods, Automotive) and Region

The Prepreg research report explains the competitive hierarchy of this global Prepreg market by analyzing key strategies of companies operating in the market and their impact analysis. Here, the competitive landscape is because of market suppliers, numerous sales channels, and revenue share. Moreover, the report offers an overview of the market’s determined vendors and the major market players. It also highlights the market value, growth rate, and key players operating the Prepreg market.

The global prepreg market size is estimated at USD 7.0 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 12.6 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 12.5%.

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The report provides a comprehensive analysis of company profiles listed below:

  • Solvay Group (Belgium)
  • Hexcel Corporation (United States)
  • Toray Industries, Inc. (Japan)
  • Teijin Limited (Japan)
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (Japan)
  • SGL Group (Germany)
  • Axiom Materials (United States)
  • Gurit Holding AG (Switzerland)
  • Park Aerospace Corp. (United States)
  • Plastic Reinforcement Fabrics Ltd. (United Kingdom)

“Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Type is the fastest-growing Fiber Reinforcement Type of prepregs, in terms of value.”

The carbon fiber prepregs find wide applications in various end-use industries. Carbon fiber prepregs are used in automotive, sporting goods, and leisure items such as vehicles (motorcycle) rim and integral spokes structural components. The use of carbon fiber prepregs in these applications provides 40–50% weight reduction over their conventional aluminum counterparts.

“Thermoplastic Prepreg is the fastest-growing resin type of prepreg, in terms of value.”

The prepreg products are mainly used in industries such as aerospace & defense, automotive and sporting goods. In the aerospace & defense sector, due to their recyclability, good shelf life, lightweight, tough, and high stiffness, thermoplastic prepregs are used to make a variety of structural components.  The increasing demand for prepregs from aerospace & defense, wind energy, and automotive applications is expected to drive the market during the forecast period.

 “Tow Prepreg is the fastest-growing Form of prepreg, in terms of value.”

The tow prepreg form of the prepreg is fastest-growing form in prepreg market. Towpregs are typically used in the filament winding process to construct high-strength structures in aerospace & defense, automotive, and other industries. The use of the filament winding process results in higher productivity for manufacturers. These materials are used in the automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, sports & recreation, and other industries.

“Hot-Melt Process is the fastest-growing manufacturing process of prepreg, in terms of value.”

Due to the eco-friendly nature and less complex machinery, the hot-melt process is preferred over the solvent dip process. Environmentally, this process is less hazardous as small or no organic solvents are consumed or emitted during operations.

“Wind Energy is the fastest-growing application of prepreg, in terms of value.”

In the wind energy application, the critical component of wind turbines uses composites and prepregs for bigger size turbines. Growing environmental concerns in Asia Pacific countries such as China and India are expected to boost the demand for wind energy during the forecast period.


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Competitive Landscape of Prepreg Market:

1 Introduction
2 Market Share Analysis
3 Market Ranking
4 Market Evaluation Framework
5 Revenue Analysis Of Top Market Players
6 Company Evaluation Matrix
6.1 Star
6.2 Pervasive
6.3 Participants
6.4 Emerging Leaders
7 Start-Up/Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises (Smes) Evaluation Matrix
7.1 Progressive Companies
7.2 Responsive Companies
7.3 Dynamic Companies
7.4 Starting Blocks

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